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Providing the Capital, Talent, Team and Tools that Startups Need to Succeed.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary resources to transform innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

We seek to empower entrepreners and leaders who not only have a great idea, but have the resiliance and determination to turn that idea into a success.


We aim to be the catalyst for this transformation, empowering the next generation of change-makers to create sustainable, impactful ventures.


We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, where integrity, innovation, and quality guide every investment and support service we provide.


Backed by a team of been-there-done-that entreprenuers, who have built, failed, scaled, sold and exited companies across the globe.

We take pride in our diverse portfolio base, from established industry leaders to emerging startups and rising stars.

we build
we build
Fueling your startup's growth with strategic capital investment.

Strategically fueling startup growth with capital investments that are tailored to drive your venture’s success and accelerate development.

Designing your vision into reality through product development.

Transforming your vision into reality by meticulously designing and implementing solutions to poducts that align with your startup's goals and aspirations.

Engineering and development across a variety of languages

At Haystack, we ensure engineering and development is strutured turning ideas into solutions through cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

Virtual C-Suite

Access top-tier, proven entreprenuers and C-suite (NOT CEO'S) professionals, bringing seasoned leadership & strategic insights to drive your startup's success.

Capital Raising

Expertly facilitating capital raises to secure the necessary funding and guidance that accelerates growth and propels startups towards their strategic goals.

Advisory Programs

Providing corporate advisory services to navigate complex business challenges, ensuring strategic alignment & enhanced operational efficiency for your company.


We transform startup visions into successful realities through strategic funding, expert guidance, and comprehensive developmental support.


Capital & Guidance

Providing start up capital and governance support to ensure financial stability and strategic oversight for sustainable business growth.


Ideation & Product Development

Ideation to product delivery: transforming initial concepts into market-ready products through strategic planning and meticulous execution. Our team is seasoned and offers the strength to see your vision into a reality.


Design & Engineering

From UI/UX design to full scale development, we provide comprehensive engineering solutions to create intuitive and effective user experiences for startups.


C-Suite & Board

Offering seasoned C-suite Executives, Technologists and board members to provide leadership, strategy, and governance expertise to growing startups. We are always on the look out for Entrepreneurs with leadership and structure, wanting to excel.

Taking you through Haystack's journey and sharing the impact we've made


Portfolio Companies






Dedicated Team Members

Let's address some of our frequently asked questions, right from the start.

How does it work and where do you begin? We've compiled answers to many fundamental questions to ensure transparency and clarity.

What type of businesses do you invest in?

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What stage of business do we need to be at?

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What sort of investment do you make?

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When do you exit?

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What does success look like to us?

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We deploy a structured process to everything we do. Take a look at our programs...

Haystack Capital Ideation Process Program
Haystack Capital Research Process Program
Haystack Capital Build Process Program
Haystack Capital Virtual Build Process Program
Haystack Capital Virtual C Suite  Process Program
Haystack Capital Board Program

Our team is built from years of experience in the technology sector...

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